Do I have to Take My Car to The Dealer to Maintain My Warranty?

This is a common question new car owners have and one we get asked often. “Am I required to take my car back to the dealer for service?” “Does an independent repair shop void my warranty if they work on my car?” The answer is a definitive NO. You are permitted to take your car any place you would like to have it serviced and repaired.

Luxury car owners want the best service available for their vehicles and often, the best service available for their vehicles is not from the dealership. Often, the most highly skilled and qualified technicians work for independent repair facilities and are the best option. However, the misconception that having your car serviced at an independent repair facility will void the warranty often persuades people to do their repairs at the dealership. This is a very common misconception that is proven false by the Federal Trade Commission.

“The Magnuson_Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work.” – FTC Consumer Information

Automotive dealerships would like you to believe that your local independent repair facility doesn’t have the tools, correct diagnostic equipment, or skills to work on your vehicle. They have a vested interest in making sure you keep coming back to the dealership and continue to pay the high prices they sometimes charge. Most car dealerships rely heavily on their service facility to survive and often sell vehicles at break-even prices (or even at a loss) hoping to make it up on your maintenance and repairs.

Most service writers are paid a commission on the services they sell, so how can you always be sure they have your best interest at heart? In addition to their aggressive sales techniques, most dealers have monthly repair or ticket quotas to meet. Again, how can you know you are getting real, unbiased advice about your vehicle when someone is always trying to “hit their numbers?”

You chose to buy a BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper because you wanted to own a vehicle that carries the quality associated with the brand. At Bavarian Motor Cars, we offer an extended 3 year/36,000 miles nationwide warranty honored at more than 35,000 repair facilities. You can relax knowing that you’ve had service performed by skilled technicians using the highest quality parts available. At Bavarian Motor Cars, we’ve got you covered!